The Easy-Build Range Of Carriage And DMU Kits

Note: Carriage Types With Multiple Entries Have Different Body Styles.
Descriptive Name Carriage Type Diagram Stock item Available To Order
Ordinary Mainline Stock
First Corridor FK 116
Composite Corridor CK 126, 127, 128  
Second Corridor SK 146, 147  
Brake First Corridor BFK 161  
Brake Composite Corridor BCK 171, 172  
Brake Second Corridor BSK 181, 182  
First Open FO 71  
First Open FO 72  
First Open FO 73  
Second Open SO 90  
Tourist Second Open TSO 92  
Tourist Second Open TSO 89, 93  
Second Open SO 94  
Brake Second Open BSO 183, 184  
Pullman Stock **NEW**
Parlour First PF D
Kitchen First PKF B
Parlour Second PS, FO E  
Kitchen Second PKS C
Hadrian Bar PB F
Catering Stock
Restaurant Second Open RSO 56  
Restaurant Second Open RSO 60  
Restaurant Unclassed Open RUO 61  
Restaurant Unclassed RU 23, 23A, 23B  
Restaurant Buffet RB 24  
Kitchen Buffet NEW KB 25  
Griddle Car RE 30  
Restaurant Miniature Buffet RMB 97  
Restaurant Miniature Buffet RMB 98, 99  
Bar Car BAR    
Restaurant Kitchen RK 700  
Suburban Stock
Non-Gangway Composite C 311  
Composite Lavatory CL 313  
Second S 326  
Second Open SO(NG) 328  
Second Lavatory Open SLO 330  
Brake Second BS 371  
Non-Passenger Carrying Stock
Baggage Guard BG 711  
Bullion Van Modified BSK 181, 182  
BR Inspection Saloon Swindon Built 1/552  
BR Carflat Coach Frame Conversions  
BR Cartic4 Set NEW Articulated Car Transporter  
BR Period DMUs
  Powered Unpowered    
MetCamm Two-Car Class 101 DMBS DTCL  
MetCamm Two-Car Class 101 Power Twin DMBS DMCL  
MetCamm Three-Car Class 101 DMBS DMCL, TCL  
MetCamm Class 101 Trailer Cars TBSL DTCL, TCL, TSL, TSLRB  
Cravens Two-Car Class 105 DMBS DTCL  
Cravens Two-Car Class 105 Power Twin DMBS DMCL  
Derby Two-Car Class 108 DMBS DMCL  
Derby Trailer Class 167   TSL  
Cravens Class 129 DMVL    
Cravens HYDRA Test Vehicle DMVL    
GRC&W-Pressed Steel Co Class 121/122 DMBS    
GRC&W-Pressed Steel Class 121/122 Drving Trailer   DTS  
GRC&W-Pressed Steel 3-Car Class 116/117 DMBS TS, DMS