Etched Brass Details To Improve Your BR Mk1 Coaches


pencil BG image

Corridor partitions for both first and second class carriages. Each etch will create the corridor wall for up to 4 compartments. The design allows you to position the compartment doors in any position from fully open to fully closed. Also included are mounting brackets to enable the corridor handrail to be easily fitted and kept level over the entire length of the carriage.

corridor partition

The baggage area of a passenger carrying brake vehicle needs the baggage area securing. Wire mesh was used to create a secure cage with sliding doors to allow access. Also in the secure area the windows are fitted with security bars. The etched brass baggage cage component provides sufficient wire mesh, doors and window security bars to furnish any BR Mk1 passenger carrying baggage vehicle.


For BG type carriages we have created a single etch of security bars for the windows. Since passengers were not allowed access to the interior of the BG carriages no cages are required. The use of etched brass enables the bars to be made very thin - slightly less than one scale inch in O scale - whilst remaining rigid and straight.


Whilst at the end of a train the last carriage would very often have the corridor connection temporarily plated over by removable plates. Our etched brass blanking plate provides a realistic device to cover the last carriage corridor connection.

For the interior of your carriage there are double and single tables. These tables are suitable for both first and second class carriages and some restaurant cars.

double tables

Also available are some very small brackets to mount the train boards to the exterior of the carriage side.

To compliment our etched products we also supply appropriate seating for mainline stock.
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