Cartic 4

This is a complete departure from our usual range of products, but related to our very successful Carflat vehicle. These iconic articulated sets were llike nothing else on BR metals at the time. We are offering the units in their original form before they were caged in to stop vandalism of the cars being carried.

Unfortunately the set wasn't fully finished when we had to take these pictures, but we think you'll still be able to see what a stunning set this is.

We Start the tour at the left hand end of the set with loading ramps.

Cartic4 mid-section

Moving along we come to the first articulation. Here you can see our authentic Ridemaster bogies featuring our famous true and free running wheelsets for trouble-free operation.

Cartic4 third articulation with End Car

We've now moved to the third articulation with the rear End Car. As with all our kits, what you see here is in the box, all you need to add are adhesives, finishing materials and time!

Cartic4 centre articulation close up

Here's a nice close up of the mid articulation between the two centre cars and showing the open nature of the skeleton construction.

Cartic4 top deck view

In this view you can see the top decks with the operating ramps between the various cars. The decks feature finely etched brass mesh tracks and chequer-plate detail.

Cartic4 End car close up

So this is what the ends look like complete with lost wax brass air hose fittings.

Cartic4 mesh and chequer-plate close up

Here's a close-up to show the fine detail of the etched brass mesh tracks and chequer-plate, no half measures here!

Cartic4 view through from the end

We like this view, can you imagine driving a car in there? We hope your little drivers don't suffer from sea-sickness!

These sets are being produced in limited quantities so order early to avoid disappointment. We will have stocks of these sets at exhibitions, but reserving sets is advisable due to limited stocks being available. Email your requirements and contact details, or call Shawn directly.