Bogie Kits

Bogie kits

We currently produce five styles of coach bogies. All feature injection moulded sideframes and structural parts, brass wheel bearings and our renowned blackened steel wheelsets. The kits feature a compensating pivot allowing the bogie to follow the contours of the track whilst keeping the vehilce body upright.

Unless otherwise stated all bogies include scale 3ft 7inch diameter wheels.

The various bogie kit types are easily identified on our exhibition stand because each type has a different coloured label (simple but effective!).




Green label - BR1b the original BR standard bogie as supplied with our coach kits.

BR 1b bogie

Grey label - BR B4 bogies with 3ft diameter wheels. Used on high speed stock, restaurant cars and BR Mk2 stock.

BR B4 bogie

White label - BR Commonwealth used on all types of BR Mk1 coaches appearing from the late 1950s.

BR Commonwealth bogie

Blue label - LNER 8’ 6" bogies not only of use to the LNER modeller, but also to be found on BR Mk1 restaurant vehicles.

LNER bogie

Red label - LMS 9ft welded bogies (not found on BR Mk1 stock.

LMS bogie

Orange label - GWR 9ft bogies (not found on BR Mk1 stock).

GWR bogie

BR DMU bogies 8’ 6" with 3ft diameter wheels bogies - unpowered kits only.

DMU bogie

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